Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Student Bar "Triangel"

Yesterday my study partner ask me to go with her to a bar and met some friends of her. Was really nice place. Could play dart and table-soccer and the drinks are cheap, because its a student bar inside the doorms. We got, as far I know, 3 kind of bars like that. They are small but the people there always very nice. Accidently I met a few people I didnt saw for a long time. We enjoyed our time with playing darts. And u know the most funny thing? I won one game. Still cant believe that, becaus me playing dart looks like tell an elephant to make some art paintings. My dart normally just sucks and thats it. So I guess I was more wondering about it then anybody else.

Anyway. This party u see on the picture "Crossing Aachen" is as far as I know once a year in Aachen. But this year I was in Taiwan. So maybe next time I go there. Hey Cintah, how about we go to Halloween again.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Sorry ...

Sometimes stuff happen, even so u dont want it. Or things happen u havent thought how the other person see it. So no idea what I can do, just dont want something like that happen to me again. ... But I am happy someone is with me. So I hope she will tell me when something like that will happen again. ... ... ... Tota Tua ... Cintah

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Right now its football time in Germany. Even I was never a big fan of football its just amazing how the worldcup brings people together. The people celebrate and dance on the streets like u just imagine it in South Europe or Latin America. But yeah I hope this games will change something here in the way we look towards ourself and other countries look towards Germany. For all of u who cant be here, I am just not able to describe the feelings that are going arround here.

Even so Germany team is not playing, German fan take other shirts and support other teams because they play right now. The parties became so huge that FIFA even allowed to enlarge the partyzone. I have never imagine it so strong like this... but those days u get people from all over the World in One country for a huge happening called football. No matter where u come from its only one party. I wish that feeling will stay after the worldcup.

Anyway ... I hope we go to Berlin for the final

Saturday, June 17, 2006

Paris (15.06-18.06)

What should I write about this city. I think everyone should go here one day. No idea how to explain that, but if u saw this place once in ur life I think it was worth it. I have never been to a city like this. You really see the people enjoy what they doing here. Every street corner have small Cafe's and to sit there and watch the people is really cool.

Maybe it sounds strange but maybe you saw in the movies the musicians standing in the streets and just play for money and honestly its just like that. But mostly they dont play as good as in the movies.

I will add some pictures later ... see u all soon ... Nico

About this Blog ...

You all know I have already two blogs. But the first one is just about food and my second one just about my four weeks in Taiwan. So I tought need something where to write some common stuff and all the shit that happens inside.